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A utility for sending x-IMU data over OSC

Download IMU2OSC for OS X 10.7 or Later


In order to use this utility, the third-party FTDI Virtual COM port driver must be installed.


  1. Set target IP address and Port
  2. Select device via USB or Bluetooth
  3. View connection status
  4. Visualise incoming data
  • Euler — gives the x, y and z components (in degrees) of the Euler angle representing the orientation of the x-IMU
  • Gyro — gives the calibrated values for angular velocities (in degrees per second) around the x, y and z axes of the x-IMU
  • Mag — gives the calibrated magnetometer values for magnetic flux (in Gauss) along the x, y and z axes of the x-IMU
  • Accel — gives the calibrated accelerometer values for acceleration (in ‘g’) along the x, y and z axes of the x-IMU

OSC Messaging

When the IMU2OSC Capture box is checked, a stream of OSC messages will be sent the target host using the following format:

/x-imu/calibrated [gyroscope X] [Y] [Z] [accelerometer X] [Y] [Z] [magnetometer X] [Y] [Z]
/x-imu/euler [euler X] [Y] [Z]